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FLOORMAN CARPET STRIPPER is an effective carpet stripper that cuts all types of glued carpets. The high speed at which it revolvs in combination with the unique movement pattern of the knife gives the machine a very high ability to cut. The carpet knifes suspension system is fastened on elastic rubber pillows enabeling the carpet knife to constantly follow a leaning or uneven surface. With a simple grip of your hand you may change the knife blade from 25°- , 35°- to 45° angle of attack. The knife blade in the Floorman Carpet Stripper can easily be sharpened with a file if the blade gets blunt. 

The machine is proprietary. Choices of material and components have been made with high quality and longevity in mind as well as the ability to handle the great strain the machine is exposed to.

The Floorman Carpet Strippers measurements and design are choosen with great accessability and agility in mind for all opportunities of use. The forward drive during active carpet stripping takes place with the
assistance of a connection mechanism that is driven by a power transfer from the engine. On the maneuvering handle there is a lever that streaches
the strap and activates the forward drive through a maneuvring arm and tightening device. This offers secure handeling and swift stearing of the machine.

Floorman Carpet Stripper

  • Effective cutting
  • Easy to maneuver
  • High operating security
  • Longevity
  • Low vibrations of the handle
  • Service friendly 

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